Dental charges

Dental charges


Basic survey, diagnosis of dentalfree
Acute / compl study single tooth 50zł
Acute or supplementary examination or investigation involving several teeth 50-100zł
X-ray check up for individual tooth 30zł
X-ray check up for more than one tooth 100zł

Caries, periodontal disease prevention / treatment measures

Periodontal Care – plaque removal – polishing (minor, basic, heavy, Root Planning ) (15-70 mins) 180-250zł


Tooth extraction – normal 150zł
Tooth extraction – complicated 200-250zł
Tooth extraction – Impacted wisdom tooth 350-600zł
Tooth extraction – surgical 300zł
Open / Closed Curettage (Gracey Curettage with emdogain) / quadrant 1500-1800złP
Bone graft horizontal – Sinus lift (Summers technic -Great sinus Lift) (without bone graft and membrane) 4000zł
Root resection 400-700zł

Root canal treatment

1 – root canal treatment 250zł
2-roots canal treatment 420zł
3-roots canal treatment 650zł
Special difficult endodontic casesplus/ microscope 100zł / rootcanal


Soft plastic bite splint for physiological treatment 400zł
Splint in hard acrylate, conducted in bite physiological indications 600zł

Conservative dentistry

Filling of one surface/nanocomposite 150zł
Filling of two surfaces 170zł
Filling of three surfaces 190zł
Filling of four or more surfaces 200-250zł
Aesthetic Inlay Composite 550zł
Aesthetic Inlay Ceramic 950zł

Restorative dentistry-Fixed Prosthetics

Laboratory made temporary crown 150zł
Clinic-made temporary crown 50zł
Labolatory made rootcanal post 450-550zł
Clinic-made rootcanal post 250zł
Porcelain crown (fused to Metal) / Nickel free 850zł
Porcelain crown EMAX 1050zł
Porcelain crown (zirconium based)1500zł
Porcelain veneer (Empress)1050zł

Restorative dentistry-Removable Prosthetics

Acrylic Partial Denture for temporary use80zł/one prosthetic point
Immediatprotes 100zł/one prosthetic point
Full Dentures (per arch)1050zł
Partial denture alloy 1500zł


Dental Implant with Crown – tioLogic Germany Implant 4200zł
Sinus Lift4000zł


Metal Bracket 1600zł
Ceramic Bracket 2500zł
Ceramic Bracket 2900zł
Lingual Bracket 4000zł/ 3D individual 7500 zł
Othodontic check-up150-250zł


Professional ‘Take Home’ Teeth Whitening Kit750zł
LED lamp Teeth Whitening1st visit 700zł, next 200zł
Anaesthetic – Pain-free controlled anaesthesia 20zł